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HH Bajaj, sole authorized distributor of Bajaj tow-wheelers in Nepal, rolled out the all-new Bajaj Discover 125 cc motorcycle in the domestic market. According to the company, the newly launched motorcycle is powered by the DTS-i four-stroke, nature air-cooled engine. The bike is targeted at people looking for milealage and powe in the same machine.


  "Considering the Nepali market ant the scenario of the commuter segment, the Discover 125 has been offered as yet another option to those looking for a balance between power and mileage," said Shekhar Golcha, executive director of HH Bajaj.


  "The Bajaj Discover 125cc is set to bring a whole new interest to those who have trusted and believed in Bajaj bikes more than ever."


  With a displacement of 124.6 cc, the machine can produce a maximum net power of 11ps at 8,000 rpm and maximum net torque of 10.8 nm at 5,500 rpm. With a five-speed transmission system, the two-wheeler can hit a miximum speed of 100kmph.


  It has a long wheelbase with the optimum weight for maximum stability. According to the company, the light kerb weight of only 118.5 kg gives this machine a great power to weight ratio of 92.8 ps/ton providing the optimum balance of agility and comfort to manoeuvre through the hustle and bustle of urban traffic.


  to add the comfort factor, the new Discover is equipped with Nitrox rear supension that ensures comfort riding on all terrains and long distance for both rider and pillion. likewise, the machine possess a monitoring og the  battery charge status and an auto choke system that allows starting the motorcycle in all weather conditions.


  For safety purpose, the machine possesses a 200mm front disk brake(optional), wider tyre for first-rate road grip even in wet and slippery conditions, twin pilot lamp and DC lighting constant light from headlamp at all speeds.


  HH bajaj had launched the Discover 100 cc motorcycle in the domestic market in 2009. after the success of the machine, the company came up with the 135 cc Discover and then introduced the 150 cc Discover in 2010. Elated with the success of the machine the domestic market, the compoany as come up with yet another variant of the Discover with a 125cc engine. "This strong and sporty bike offered outstanding mileage and was an instant success in the market." said HH Bajaj. "We are confident that the biek will pick up very well in the market and secure a good market position."


  According to HH Bajaj, the Discover 125 has the form and build similar to the Discover 100 and 150. However, it features distince graphics and colour combination making it visually different from other variants. The company stated that the Discover was one of the largest selling motorcycle brands in nepal with more than 50,000 owners across the country. The company has priced the machine at Rs 151,900.