My city is better then yours
  Knowing that international travel is a canny indicator of cities’ economic growth, Hedrick-Wong built an Index that involved number-crunching international travel and cross-border expenditures using data not readily available in the past, for and between 132 cities- 45 from Asia-Pacific; 33 from Europe; 21 from Middle East and Africa; 19 from Latin America; and 14 from North America.
    For each of the 132 cities, his researchers took the sum of the total of visitor arrivals from the rest of the world – from OAG airline data and national tourism or organizations- and their total cross-border expenditures (per-capita, cross-border FOREX transactions from Bank of international Settlement data). They then netted out the number of each city’s returnees and used regression analysis to reduce numbers from country to city. Algorithms were applied to deal with discrepancies. Dubai, as an air-hub was found to have inflated arrivals of 35 percent which had to be factored in.
    “London has yet again provided it is the epicenter of global trade.” This was London Mayor Boris Jonson’s reaction when he learned that his city topped the Index by visitor number and cross-border spending, with 20.1 million inbound passengers expected in 2011 and USD 25.6 billion, respectively.
    Second came Paris with 18.1 million or USD 14.6 billion. New York ranked 12th in arrivals with 7.6 million arrivals, and second in expenditure, at USD 20.3 billion.
    This did not surprise Hendric-Wong. But heads were turned by the face that Barcelona topped the global arrivals, with a 24.3 per cent growth,  with Kuala Lumpur second at 21.8 per cent and, at 20.4 percent, Istanbul third. Barcelona is the only city in North America or Western Europe combined that has over 20 per cent growth rate. In the last 10 years, Barcelona has leveraged its strong position as a tourists destination, and its cultural heritage, and topped this with initiatives like creating a convention hub focused on creative, high-tech industries.- Reuters