Why Nepotism must be eliminated
Sanam Chitrakar
    Nepotism is deep-rooted in all spheres of Nepali life. Politics, bureaucracy and workplaces are predominantly infected by this favoritism based on relationships. More alarmingly, nepotism is rather ‘accepted’ in these public spheres.
    Although many leaders argue that ‘a fair degree of nepotism’ is justifiable as it leads to faithfulness and confidence which consequently results in efficiency, nepotism in public spheres like politics and public administration is ever justifiable. Nepotism is favoritism done on the basis of familial relationship, both genetic and marital. Few researchers regard nepotism as basic human nature and opine that its complete abolishment will also end the humanness of human beings. It is rather true that nepotism is deeply linked with human nature and favoring a family member comes rather naturally. Does this mean that nepotism is unavoidable?
    Nepotism not only promotes counter-productiveness and discriminatory practice but also violates ethics of parity, value of democracy. It takes great toll on merit-based functioning and paralyses the rule of law. Competent people without strong family background are boycotted from equal access and benefit.
    Curbing nepotism with in public administration is a dire necessity in Nepali governance. Nepotism violates the norm of good governance and has serious consequence on future generation of leaders.

( Sanam Chitrakar is a trainer, consultant and MD of Aadhar Development private limited. He can be contacted at sanamchitrakar@gmail.com)